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Your home security system is only a few components away...
Cameras Sirens Garage Door

Keep an eye on the house or any room inside of it with a wireless security camera.  You can watch from anywhere and even archive the footage!
For a more secure system, indoor sirens delivers piercing loud (up to 106dB) alarm to scare off would-be intruders, alert neighbors and occupants of trouble

Integrate your garage door into your Vera solution with the Linear Z-Wave Garage Door Controller.
Locks Sensors Handheld

These smart locks let you create digital "keys" for anyone, remotely lock or unlock a door, and can send you notifications when people come or go.
These small security devices sense motion and activity, and report them back to your system, so your system can report it back to you.
Convenient handheld devices mean security is never more than a button push away. Peace of mind in the palm of your hand!