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Z-Wave operates on a variety of sub-GigaHertz frequencies throughout the world. Click on your flag below to see the products available for your country.
Australian Z-Wave Brazilian Z-Wave Canadian Z-Wave
Australia: 921.4 MHz
Brazil: 921.4 MHz
Canada: 908.4 MHz
Chinese Z-Wave European Z-Wave Hong Kong Z-Wave
China: 868.4 MHz
CEPT*: 868.4 MHz
Hong Kong: 919.8 MHz
Indian Z-Wave Japanese Z-Wave Malaysian Z-Wave
India: 865.2 MHz
Japan (920)**: 922-926 MHz
Malaysia: 868.1 MHz
Mexican Z-Wave New Zealand Z-Wave Russian Z-Wave
Mexico: 908.4 MHz
New Zealand: 921.4 MHz
Russia: 869.0 MHz
Singaporean Z-Wave South African Z-Wave U.A.E. Z-Wave
Singapore: 868.4 MHz
South Africa: 868.4 MHz
UAE: 868.4 MHz